Just before rock band De Kling start with the final recordings, singer Lotte tells about her expectations and progress till now.

De Kling

We came here with some songs and ideas, we would like to work out. My intent was to work on the construction, tension, chorus, package, etc. When we arrives here in Macon it looked like the focus was more at the recording. We can write songs at home, here we have more possibilities with the pro’s and the students. Our target at this moment is that we make three songs very good for the end of this week. Tuesday we have experimented with producers Pim van de Werken and Yuri Landman. Pim recorded everything live and made it all very dirty and nasty. It went a little bit too far, but that was the intention. But that gave us great ideas. He also changed a song arrangement and because of that we have learned a lot. Yuri showed us the other side of the recording process: everything layer by layer (so drums first, then the bass, etc.) and experiment with special instruments.

Our producers, Martin and Luuk, are coaching us very well and we need that sometimes. We are used to always give 110% and we are stubborn and critical. Because of that we sometimes get stuck in the details. They are helping us to focus on the essence. Together we are thinking trough our sounds, which we didn’t work that hard on ourselves. Usually were playing everything very loud and then it is oke. Now we are in a process to better define our sound and hopefully after Band in a Barn we have tangible results like good recordings. Up to now for “de Kling” it is a good experience.