HKU students Joep and Wesley got an assignment from guitarist, producer and Band in a Barn coach Yuri Landman. They had to try a new way of producing music. Together with guitar players Tibor and Marijn, they locked themselves for a few days in a room converted to a studio. Engineer Wesley Wong gives text and explanation.

“We received the job to produce a new track, but not according to the conventional way like write first and record later. We are building the song layer by layer and play everything instead of looping little parts. The effect is that, when you start, you don’t have a clue how it will end. This can be a good way to start when you have no inspiration or to force yourself to get new ideas”.

The improvised drum set

Sunday, the first day of this project, we only recorded percussion. It was very hard to get everything right, so we didn’t have time for other things. Monday, when we had a bit more structure, it went faster and we recorded the rest of the track. The result is very good, but the process was very nice as well. For everyone this was a new way to work.

Today (Tuesday) we started with a new recording session. The process was the same like before, but the job was to make a new song. It didn’t matter which way, but it just went like that. Apparently it is a normal way to work. The new track is less abstract then the first track. We improvised with the drum set:  a flight case, (a sturdy box used to transport equipment) with a floor tom in it, to use as a bass drum and a toolbox as a snaredrum. Today writing and recording didn’t go that well as before, because we were looking for more musical meaning. Tibor and Marijn had more trouble with devising the music, because they were recording more instruments then only guitars. We will try to finish it this evening and hopefully we are doing a third track tomorrow.

I haven’t learned specific skills, but the whole process was already a very good experience. I enjoyed watching music production from another side.

The recorded music is coming online very soon!