Producer / engineer Hans Jong (Young Music) rebuild the living room into a ‘one-take’ studio, where he records acoustic tracks for all the acts. Hans states: ‘I want to get to the essence of the song, bare-butted musicians. It helps bands and artists to discover if a song works or not: if it still stands in an acoustic version, you can do anything you like to the song. Everyone willing to try it out is welcome!. The ‘one-takes’ are pure recorded songs from start till end, without any adjustments.’

The honour for the first two recorded ‘one-takes’ was yours truly. It started a bit shaky, because I’m not a professional singer. Thanks to Hans who’s compassionate and really knows how to make you at ease it soon came together. After that the tough Martijn van Spankeren showed us he has more in store than only rock ‘n roll! Beautiful songs, great guitar play and a killer voice. Updates from the studio (audio & video) coming soon!

Joris Postulart